So You’ve Graduated from Your Studies Abroad in Australia – Now What?

The day has finally come. You have taken your last exam, gone to your last lecture and high-fived your new friends at your graduation ceremony. You have completed your degree abroad in Australia and you are ready to start the next chapter in your life.

After the excitement and celebrations start to settle down you are left wondering, “What next?”
There are many things that you could do now that you have completed your study abroad degree. You could return to your home country and use the skills that you have learned to develop your career there. You could choose to pursue more education with another course in Australia. Alternatively, you might not want to return home and would prefer to stay in Australia and work within your field.

Heading Home

If you choose to return to your home country after studying in Australia, you might experience what is known as “reverse culture shock”. This is when you have been living abroad for so long that your own country’s customs and attitudes seem foreign to you. Also, you will have changed a lot from your experience living abroad in Australia and might find that your old friends, hangouts and hobbies are not interesting to you anymore.

It’s important to know that if you feel somewhat out of place when you return home this is completely normal. It will take you a while to “reintegrate” back into your own culture, so be patient with yourself and try to find other friends who have lived abroad who you can relate to.

Continuing Your Studies

Now that you have completed an undergraduate degree you have the option of continuing your education even further and attending graduate school. Australia has many high quality opportunities to complete a masters or a Ph.D. or attend law, medical or business school.

Graduate school can be very competitive so be sure to apply to as many as possible to increase your chances of getting accepted. Keep in mind that graduate school will also be more expensive than your undergraduate degree, so think about how you will manage your finances and whether or not you can handle more debt. Think about the decision carefully and visit the schools you are considering in person so that you can research them.

Getting a Job in Australia

What if you love living in Australia so much that you want to get a job after graduation and stay here?
Your Australian study visa allows you to work part time during your courses but not after you graduate. However, there is a different special work visa category for students who have earned a degree in Australia which you can apply for.

If you have completed at least two years of study in Australia you can apply for the Skilled Graduate Temporary Visa in order to stay in Australia for 18 months and work. If you can get an employee to sponsor you, another option is the Occupational Trainee Visa which allows you to work for two years. There are also other types of working visas for graduates which are based on points systems, so be sure to check which ones you qualify for.

Most universities in Australia will provide you with assistance in finding a job in your field and help you with your CV and applications. You can also search for work using newspapers, websites, or an employment agency.

Now that you have graduated from your degree in Australia, you are ready to take the next step in your life. No matter what direction you head it, your experiences studying abroad in Australia will have prepared you for future success.